Visa Provisioning Service US, Tokenization, Features of Tokenization, PAN, Security Issues

Visa Provisioning Service is a service or facility via which we can do our transactions without doing any physical work. This service provides an efficient and secure way for cardholders to receive and use their Visa Cards. Here we will discuss Visa Provisioning Service US.

Here we will discuss Visa Provisioning Services in the USA. We know very well about the payment methods of Visa Provisioning Services. These payment methods include Apple pay, Mobile pay, or via Tokenization.

Visa Provisioning Services in the USA

The Visa Provisioning Service is a prodigious way to keep your Visa in good standing while you are in the United States. Using this service, you can ensure that your Visa is up to date and that you are not at risk of losing your status. This service can also help you with any problems that you may have with your Visa, such as if it expires or if you need to renew it.

We know well that the US has not had good relations with immigration. At first, the US was founded by migrants & furthermore, there might be a risk of mistrust and a bit of fear for a new user. Mainly when it comes to Visa Provisioning, that user must keep in mind whether he is eligible.

Here we will discuss eligibility for a Visa and apply method that how to apply for Visa & what the process will be.

  • B-1/B-2 Visitor
  • F-1 Student
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor

For all this, we first need a specific login for the VPS account. Here we will discuss some of the processes we can use to log in.


Tokenization is the process of exchanging original data in complicated form without any of your personal information or data.

How does it work?

For Tokenization, we must first remember how it will work.

Tokenization means sensitive data with Surrogate Data. In simple words, we can also describe Tokenization as creating fake numbers. The creation of fake numbers means there is no chance of insecurity of our original account number.

Features of Tokenization

In Tokenization, we have a hard-form card created with the help of Apple Pay or a Bank’s support. This card includes,

  • PAN (Primary Account Number)
  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Expiration Date

These given pieces of information included in a token.


PAN is a Primary Account Number. This account number verifies our identity.

This Tokenization is valid up to some extinct means a limited period. After the expiration date, we have to create another token from Bank. It is quite an easy & secure method in such a way that you don’t have to reveal your account number.

There are three main steps of Tokenization.

First, if you are using Apple Pay, you must share your primary account number with google. Further, google will verify this and send this to Bank. The banking system has a good link with google. Once Google demonstrates this, it will create a token for the Transaction. This tokenization number will be fake, which means have no connection with the actual account number.

Once this transaction is from this token, then this number will expirerthermore, another secure method of Tokenization will be from PAN to Acquirer & then to the Bank. Mean to say, first of all, and our primary account number will be sent to the acquirer. Acquirer to the Bank and again back to the acquirer.

The acquirer and Bank have a good link. Once Bank verifies this, then send a verification message to our communication.

Aside from this, we can also do our transactions via different methods. Visa Provisioning Services are now available all over the World.

In Visa Provisioning Service, payment via mobile app, Apple Pay, and credit cards is also available in the US.

Security Issues

Payment via Tokenization is safe because there is no risk of your data leakage. We get tokens that have fake numbers; they don’t have any comparison with the original account number. You can make sure your trust is in Visa Provisioning Service or purchase authorization of Visa Provisioning Service.

In case you still have any confusion about Visa Provisioning Services so that you can get much information about Visa Provisioning Service in other topics. For more Click Here.

That’s all about visa provisioning service US.

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