Intricate Text Grammarly-Meaning, Usage & How To Fix

Intricate text

The term “intricate text” in Grammarly indicates refers to sentences that are lengthy, complex and difficult to understand. While intricate text is not necessarily negative, it can confuse readers and hinder the communication of the intended message. When this warning is displayed in Grammarly, it suggests revising the highlighted teIntricate Text Grammarly-Meaning, Usage & How To Fixxt to enhance clarity and coherence. This may involve simplifying overly long sentences, avoiding unnecessary complexity, and ensuring that the writing is easily understandable. By addressing intricate text, writers can improve the quality of their work and effectively convey their ideas.

For example, And I looked around for a bus in front of a puddle, and, before I knew it, what I had seen in the street was sloshing over me in a great big wave of dirty water.

What is intricate text?

The term “intricate” is defined as something that is difficult and complicated. In the context of writing, “intricate text” refers to text that is overly complex and difficult to interpret. For instance, Francis Bacon’s prose is often cited as an example of intricate text, as it is short and concise, yet not easily interpreted by readers.

Intricate Text Grammarly , What Does Intricate Text Mean In Grammarly

In Grammarly, “intricate text” refers to writing that is complex, detailed, and possibly difficult to understand. This could include long sentences, advanced vocabulary, and intricate sentence structures. Grammarly may suggest simplifying or clarifying intricate text to improve readability and comprehension.While writing Grammarly show “intrictae text” and it confused us that is there some error in writing . But this warning usually means that the highlighted section of text is diffciult to understand and should be re written. Although text that is intricate is not necessarily bad, in most cases, it will confuse readers and make it difficult for them to understand the writer’s point.

Examples of Intricate Text:

Here are some examples of intricate text, both positive and negative, to illustrate different scenarios:

  1. Literary Fiction:
    • Example: “The ornate tapestry of emotions woven into the protagonist’s psyche painted a vivid picture of the human condition.”
  2. Academic Writing:
    • Example: “The multifaceted interplay of socio-economic factors in the post-modern era necessitates a nuanced examination of global policy frameworks.”
  3. Scientific Journal Article:
    • Example: “The intricate methodology employed in the quantum entanglement experiment aimed to elucidate the paradoxical nature of subatomic particles.”
  4. Legal Document:
    • Example: “The convoluted clauses within the contractual agreement delineated the rights and obligations of the parties involved with meticulous detail.”
  5. Philosophical Discourse:
    • Example: “The philosopher’s treatise on existential nihilism navigated the labyrinth of human existence, dissecting the complexities inherent in the search for meaning.”
  6. Poetry:
    • Example: “The poet’s verses wove an intricate dance of metaphors, inviting readers to decipher the enigmatic beauty concealed within the lines.”
  7. Technical Manual:
    • Example: “The intricate assembly instructions outlined a step-by-step process for integrating advanced components into the electronic circuitry.”
  8. Historical Analysis:
    • Example: “The historian’s exploration of geopolitical intricacies during the Cold War era provided a nuanced perspective on the delicate balance of power.”

These examples showcase how intricate text can manifest in various contexts, requiring a deeper level of comprehension and engagement from the reader.

How To Fix Intricate Text Grammarly

The Grammarly is the No 1 leading Intricate Fixer and To fix intricate text in Grammarly, writers can follow these steps:

  • Install Grammarly: Ensure that you have the Grammarly browser extension, desktop application, or web editor installed.
  • Enable Advanced Suggestions: In your Grammarly settings, enable advanced suggestions to receive detailed feedback on complex grammatical structures and writing style.
  • Copy and Paste Text: Transfer the intricate text to the Grammarly editor or the platform where you are composing your text.
  • Review Grammar and Punctuation Suggestions: Carefully consider and apply Grammarly’s suggestions for grammatical errors and punctuation to correct any structural issues within your text.
  • Check for Clarity and Conciseness: Utilize Grammarly’s clarity and conciseness suggestions to ensure that your text is not only grammatically correct but also clear and concise. Simplify convoluted sentences for better readability.
  • Utilize Style Suggestions: Apply Grammarly’s style suggestions to refine the overall flow and tone of your writing.
  • Consider Vocabulary and Word Choice: Evaluate Grammarly’s suggestions for synonyms and alternative word choices to enhance the richness of your language.
  • Address Tone and Formality: Use Grammarly’s tone and formality suggestions to adjust the writing style according to the intended audience or purpose.
  • Check for Consistent Style: Pay attention to Grammarly’s suggestions to maintain a consistent writing style throughout the text.
  • Manually Review and Edit: After applying Grammarly’s suggestions, manually review the text to ensure that the changes align with your overall writing goals and maintain the intended meaning.
  • By following these guidelines, writers can effectively use Grammarly to fix intricate text, refining both its grammatical structure and overall clarity.

The benefits of using intricate text

There are many benefits to using intricate text, including the following:

  • It can help you add depth and dimension to your writing.
  • It can make your writing more interesting and engaging.
  • It can help you create a more complex and sophisticated writing style.
  • It can help you better communicate your ideas and thoughts.
  • It can help you stand out from writers who use simpler, more straightforward writing styles.

Intricate Text Checker

There are several online grammar checkers available that can help identify and fix intricate text. These tools use AI to detect and address a wide range of grammatical mistakes, including issues with sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary. Some popular grammar checkers include Grammarly, Paraphrasing Tool, Scribens, EasyBib, and Quillbot. These tools can help writers simplify complex sentences, avoid unnecessary complexity, and consider suggestions for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and conciseness. By utilizing these tools, writers can fine-tune their writing skills and gain a better understanding of their writing habits. Improving intricate text requires patience, practice, and attention to detail. It involves revising, editing, and seeking feedback to ensure that the intended message is effectively communicated.


In conclusion, “intricate text” in the context of Grammarly refers to writing that is overly complex, convoluted, or difficult to comprehend. While not inherently negative, it can impede the communication of the intended message and confuse readers. By utilizing Grammarly’s advanced grammar and style checking features, writers can address intricate text by simplifying complex sentences, avoiding unnecessary complexity, and considering suggestions for grammar, punctuation, clarity, and conciseness. 

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What is intricate text?

Intricate text is any text that has been carefully crafted to be visually and emotionally appealing, often containing multiple layers of meaning and considered challenging to read and comprehend.

How can the intricate text be used?

Intricate text can be used in various ways to add visual interest to a design, such as a background element, an overlay on an image, or a standalone element. It can also be used to create interesting patterns or to add depth to a design.

What does intricate text mean in Grammarly?

In Grammarly, intricate text refers to text with complex sentence structures, advanced vocabulary, and a complex syntax that can be challenging to write. Grammarly can detect and correct errors in intricate text to ensure that the content is clear, coherent, and engaging.

How to fix intricate text with Grammarly?

To fix intricate text with Grammarly, log in or create a Grammarly account, copy and paste the text in Grammarly’s editor, wait for Grammarly to analyze the text and provide feedback on any errors or areas that need to be improved, look for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and readability errors in the suggested changes and corrections, change the text as necessary by accepting or rejecting each suggestion, and repeat the process until all errors are corrected.

What are the benefits of using intricate text?

The benefits of using intricate text include adding depth and dimension to writing, making writing more interesting and engaging, creating a more complex and sophisticated writing style, better communicating ideas and thoughts, and standing out from writers who use simpler, more straightforward writing styles.

How to create intricate text?

There are many ways to create intricate text, including using a word processor with a built-in graphic editor, using a vector drawing program to create more complex text by adding multiple layers of text, using different fonts, and adding embellishments such as shadows and 3D effects.

What is an intricate text fixer?

An intricate text fixer refers to techniques for simplifying complex text, such as making sentence structures simple, using clear and simple vocabulary, clarifying ideas with examples, breaking up text with headings and subheadings, using graphics and visuals, and testing the text with different audiences.

What is an intricate text checker?

An intricate text checker is a tool for checking the sophistication and complexity of text, which may suggest simplifying or clarifying complex sentences, improving text readability, or reducing the use of jargon and technical words to improve the clarity and accessibility of writing.

Does text complexity indicate a piece’s quality or value?

No, text complexity doesn’t necessarily indicate a piece’s quality or value. History’s most influential and powerful writings have relatively simple language and structure, so while an intricate text checker can help improve the clarity and accessibility of a piece of writing, it isn’t the only factor to consider.

What is an example of intricate text?

Examples of intricate text include the song “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin, which has complex lyrics and an intricate melody, and the story “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer, which features intricate language and storytelling techniques.

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