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We will Discuss Briefly about Transaction Enrichment. Transactions are the lifeblood of any business that Visa developers use. It is especially the unique method of having a lot of profit and utilization. Transition enrichment is a time-consuming process which saves a lot of your time.

As another definition of transaction enrichment, it can be said that you can automate certain parts of your transactions so that they can be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Visa developers use transaction enrichment as a source of their money-saving process. Visa enrichment helps employees to save a lot of money in a limited period. Whereas Transaction enrichment also plays a vital role in the Bitcoin network. Here we will deeply discuss how transaction enrichment’s is related to Bitcoins.

Transaction Enrichment & Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the currency that helps users to get rid of it and hence get a benefit. The transaction enrichment feature of the Bitcoin network has deep and secure relations with Bitcoin as it allows bitcoin proper security and efficiency while doing any transaction.

The question also comes to mind is how it helps users get benefits.

Bitcoin always have a digital signature which is known as the MERKLE tree. Furthermore, The same is true of Transaction enrichment, as it uses a digital signature. “MERKLE’S tree is a data structure that verifies individual transactions without having any particular chain”. Using these MERKLE trees, Transaction enrichment allows users to get fast and secure transactions.

It allows faster transactions and eliminates miners’ need to store all possible information about the transaction. These data structures can also be used in other currencies, including cryptocurrencies. It is a time-saving process as it uses less time for better and more secure transactions.

Merchant id lookup visa

Merchant identification also known as merchant verification has wide range of uses and is very important in payment card networks. Payment card networks means card that are related to payment e.g. Visa card. Merchant id takes good care of merchant who are processing payment.  It is also used to make it sure that all funds are routed to the correct merchant account.

Transaction Enrichment API

The Transaction Enrichment API lets you enrich the data in transactions before they are sent off to the blockchain & can be used for;

  • Addition of extra information
  • Better and accurate efficiency of transactions
  • Tracking of ownership of assets
  • Verification of Authenticity

Addition of Extra information

Adding extra information means you can add a lot of information about the sender or recipient. Similarly, This information can identify attendees at a conference, track who donated money to a charity, or verify that a purchase was made with valid currency.

Ownership of Assets

Ownership of assets means who is eligible for this post or whether someone authorized by this asset uses these assets.This functionality allows users to confirm their authorization to access certain assets. Additionally, it can track who has access to the blockchain files. Additionally, it can detect asset theft.

Verification of Authenticity

It is the final step of the Transaction enrichment’s process. In this process, they only verify your authentication that you are eligible for this post or not. Furthermore, It involves confirming e-mail addresses and digital files.

The types of transaction enrichment’s are as follows:

  • Financial Data Enrichment
  • Snowdrop Transaction Enrichment
  • Quantum Transaction Enrichment
  • Yodel Data Enrichment

Below is a description,

Financial Data Enrichment

Financial data enrichment is a method of enriching financial data with additional information to improve the accuracy and completeness of the analysis. It is useful in the following ways;

  • Processing of data
  • Addition of metadata to transactions
  • Extraction of additional data from records,
  • Creation of custom modules to process data.
  • Analysis of Investment
  • Identification of illegal activities
  • Detection of financial crimes and crises

Besides this, financial data enrichment can also identify unusual or suspicious behaviour across a large data set.

Snowdrop Transaction Enrichment

Snowdrop transaction enrichment has a wide range of uses. Similarly, Snowdrop transaction enrichment’s is helpful for improving network acceptance, though.

Adding additional information to bitcoin is also possible with it. This addition of extra data improves the quality of bitcoin and allows bitcoin to rise internationally.

Quantum Transaction Enrichment

In quantum cryptography, participants use their private key to encrypt messages and then share a unique public key with their partner. The security of this system relies on the fact that no party can learn the contents of the encrypted messages without also knowing both participants’ private keys.

Yodel Data Enrichment

With the growth of mobile commerce, companies need better ways to enrich their customer data. Yodel Transaction Enrichment’s solution can help your business get a leg up on your competitors by understanding what customers are buying and how they are buying it.

Similarly, Yodel’s Transaction Enrichment solution can help you identify opportunities for cross-sells and up-sells and understand what products customers are most likely to buy next.

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