Visa Charge Back, Fee, Limits, Timeframes & Preventing Chargebacks

We will discuss briefly about Visa Charge Back which will clear all your issues.

A chargeback is a process by which a cardholder argues a charge on their credit or debit card and asks the issuer for a refund. The card issuer then contacts the merchant to get more information about the transaction he has done.

If we look exactly at the process of Visa Charge Bank, we know that there must be many reasons why cardholders might file a chargeback. Here we will discuss some of them.

Illegal or Fraudulent Charges

They verify whether the cardholder has done this transaction or not. Sometimes a sudden purchase has been made in an account from which we are unaware e.g., if their credit card was stolen and used without their knowledge. Just because of this reason the cardholder didn’t authorize the charge.

Incorrect Charges

The cardholder was charged the wrong amount for the purchase or something they still need to purchase

Dissatisfaction With Purchase

The cardholder is not completely satisfied or has a doubt about the quality of the product or service, or they believe they were misled about what they were purchasing.

Visa Chargeback Limit

When a cardholder disagrees with the transaction with their bank, the bank recruits a chargeback. The issuing bank then pays the merchant the disputed transaction amount minus any fees the processor charges.

For Visa, this limit is 1% of total transactions, or 100 chargebacks per month, whichever is greater. If a merchant exceeds this limit, they may be fined or even lose their ability to accept Visa payments.

Visa Chargeback Fee

The fee of Visa chargeback is a little. You only have to submit a fee, typically around 25$. These 25$ are not fixed. If the merchant has limited funds to cover the chargeback fee, the cardholder will be responsible for paying it.

Cardholders who dispute a transaction with their issuer are protected from paying any fees associated with that dispute, including chargeback fees. However, if the cardholder is found to have been at fault (e.g., they made an unauthorized purchase), they may be responsible for paying the fee.

Visa Chargeback Time Limit

Visa chargebacks must be initiated within 120 days of the original transaction date. If a chargeback is received after this time frame has elapsed, it will be automatically rejected.

If you can provide evidence that the merchant is at fault for the disputed transaction (for example, if they processed a refund but never actually issued it), your chargeback might be accepted.

Visa Chargeback Guidelines For Issuers

Visa chargebacks can be complex and confusing, but understanding the basics can help you avoid costly mistakes. This guide outlines the key visa chargeback guidelines for issuers, including timeframes, documentation requirements, and tips for preventing chargebacks.


One of the most important visa chargeback guidelines for issuers understands the timeframe a chargeback can file. Approximately, cardholders have four months of time. This time is from the transaction date to when they file a chargeback.

Generally, cardholders have 120 days from the date of the transaction to file a chargeback. However, there are some exceptions to this rule, so it’s important to check with your acquirer or processor to confirm the specific timeframe for your card brand.

Documentation Requirements:

To dispute a chargeback, issuers must provide detailed documentation to support their case. This documentation may include sales receipts, invoices, shipping records, and other supporting evidence showing that the transaction was authorized and completed as agreed.

Preventing Chargebacks

A cardholder should follow the tips and tricks to prevent chargebacks. One of the best and most secure ways is to avoid chargebacks by ensuring that transactions are properly authorized before processing.

Furthermore, keeping clear and concise records of all transactions can help minimize disputes and make it easier to resolve them if they do occur. Finally, having an educated staff will also be a great move.

Visa chargeback limit

There are no specific limitations for the cardholder to purchase their Visa account. But each chargeback’s subject has a fee. This fee didn’t remain the same, varying with the purchase. If a cardholder purchases 200$, he must charge a 30$ fee for a chargeback.

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